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    General legal advice: consult the legislation of your country regarding seeds, paraphernalia or products related to the cultivation of Cannabis.

    The importation, possession and trafficking of hemp seeds are exempt from the regulation of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs held in Vienna in 1961, which expressly excludes cannabis plant seeds from the list of narcotic substances under international control.

    The regulations and legislation concerning hemp seeds differ greatly from country to country. For this reason we ask you to inform us about the regulations in force that must be adhered to. In many countries, such as Spain, Italy, Holland, England, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Canada, Japan, or Switzerland, hemp seeds trade does not require a permit.

    As TRIKOMA SEEDS customers, we ask you to accept the following conditions: TRIKOMA SEEDS sells hemp seeds as well as other absolutely legal articles of commerce in Spain, but always on condition that customers do not use them for other purposes than the law permits. TRIKOMA SEEDS does not intend to induce anyone to act against the law. We expressly clarify that anyone who buys seeds at is responsible for their own future actions. We accept no responsibility with reference to this point.

    TRIKOMA SEEDS has never authorized nor will authorize third parties to distribute seeds from Asia or in countries where the trade of hemp / cannabis seeds is illegal, so we disclaim any liability.