• Thisvariety stands out for its sweet and fruity taste, ease of cultivation andpowerful effect. It is an ideal variety for recreational use thanks to its highlevel of THC that produces a cheerful and long-lasting cerebral euphoria andalso for therapeutic use for its properties to combat stress, insomnia andheadaches. The buds are dense but resistant to fungi.

    THC: 24%
  • Gelato

    $ 16.96

    This famousAmerican strain has a succulent flavor of fruits and sweet biscuits and anintoxicating aroma. Its effect is very balanced, it relaxes both body and mindwithout leaving the consumer too sedated. From the first puff all the musclesare relaxed with a strong high clearing the negative thoughts and after a whilea cheerful feeling of euphoria appears.

    THC: 25%
  • Gorilla

    $ 16.96

    This Californian gem has a delicious aroma of pine and citrus and aninteresting and very balanced effect that starts with a cheerful euphoria andpositivity to move to a deep relaxation that invites you to stay on the couch.The plant is very aromatic, it has a vigorous and rapid growth and shortflowering. Its impressive resin production makes it ideal for extractions.

    THC: 25%
  • Thisvigorous Indica is famous for its citrus flavor and its powerful and lastingKush effect. Its buds are hard and compact with a fruity, floral flavor and hintsof wood and diesel. The plant is easy to cultivate and during its growth it getsblue and red tones. It produces a large amount of resin and it’s very rich in terpenes,so it is widely used to make concentrates.

    THC: 25%
  • This famous American variety is practically a pure Indica with a long lasting and positiveeffect that is relaxing and euphoric. Medium height plant with a compactstructure and dense resinous flowers with pistils of lilac and reddish tones.It gives off a sweet penetrating aroma and its flavor is earthy and a bit spicy.Its sedative and analgesic effect gives it medicinal applications.

    THC: 26%
  • Thispowerful Indica is a classic. Its aroma is a delicious combination of citrusfruits, exotic fruits and its flavor is fruity with a touch of diesel. It has avery fast and intense effect that leaves the body totally relaxed while maintainingthe mind clear. Effectively relieves stress and improves mood. The plant isvery productive despite its small size.

    THC: 22%
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